September Update

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support as we continue on this journey towards serving in Guatemala. The past couple months have been a trying time for us. In August, Brianna had an uncle who passed away very suddenly. The death was a shock to her and her family and has had repercussions since that we and the family are still dealing with.

In the midst of that we celebrated our second anniversary, which, happens to always fall right before college and one of the busy seasons of work at the church for me, and work at the school for Brianna.

Brianna started a new job – well, the same job but at a new school. It has been a healthier situation than her previous school but as with starting any new job, she’s had to learn a lot – including how to speak to three Chinese students who came with zero English (Maybe God’s teaching us about learning a new language in the future).

Work at the church has been very trying. On top of that I (Aaron) have also begun what is my last semester of college, so working 40 hours a week plus taking college classes, plus fund raising, plus trying to be a good husband, all takes a toll. For both of us it seems like we’re being pulled in 500 directions at once sometimes.

Speaking of fundraising, through all of the trials we’ve been facing, God has provided even when we feel like we’re powerless in all of this. Since last writing in July, we have gone from being about 9% funded to about 18%. Hey that’s almost double! That’s such good news we made a fancy chart!

With all that said, we can use prayers more than anything. Please be praying for us to find time in prayer and in God’s word together and on our own even in the midst of burning the candle on both ends – and in the middle. Please be praying that God would bring friends around us to support us. Pray that God would continue to pour in financial support for us as we want to be fully funded in order to go to our mission training in North Carolina once Brianna gets done with school in the spring. And please pray about whether or not God would want you to support us financially.

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