The Arnetts are headed to Guatemala!

How in the world does one decide to be missionaries in Guatemala? Funny you should ask. That’s a long story, and we would be glad to share that with you. In fact, we will share that with you! But if you can’t wait, please take a listen to a podcast we did describing our experiences right after we went down to Guatemala to interview with Students International in the spring of 2019.

Merry Christmas!

We first would like to thank all our supporters for your consistent support and prayer since we first announced our plans to move to Guatemala earlier this year. Thanks to your sacrificial gifts we are getting ever closer to reaching our goal of getting to Guatemala in January of 2021.

As we began writing this update, we checked on our accounts to get you the most accurate numbers as we end the year. Since our last update, a lot has happened in our lives. Aaron unexpectedly lost his job at the church, and as a result we’re looking for a new church home. Aaron’s best friend from high school unexpectedly passed away. We had to make the decision of who’s going to attend which funeral as we had two funerals – one for Aaron’s friend and one for Brianna’s uncle on the same day. In the midst of all that, finishing up the school semester. Needless to say, there has been a lot on our plates. In all of that, we gained no new monthly supporters. Quite honestly we’ve faced a host of discouragement because of all life has thrown at us, this included. But, as I said above, we checked in on our account this morning to give you an update of the numbers and to our surprise, we were gifted $5,000 to our startup costs. Praise the Lord!

Just as a reminder, the startup costs are a one-time lump sum that we are required to have in our account in order to go to the mission field. These funds go towards:

  • Plane tickets
  • Visas
  • Our stay in Antigua during language school to learn Spanish
  • Our eventual permanent housing
  • Furnishing our home (furniture, dishes, towels, soap, etc.)
  • A car
  • Any other moving expenses

We are starting basically from scratch when we hit the ground in Guatemala, as we are unable to take anything besides basically clothing with us.

Time and time again, God continues to surprise us with the generosity of His people and He continues to remind us that this is His will.

The Road Ahead

We’ve been in contact with our leadership in SI Guatemala and have set goals for ourselves for the new year.

  • Graduate from college
    • Aaron is finished at the end of December. Brianna will be done in May 2020.
  • Raise the remainder of our monthly support as soon as possible.
  • Find a new church family.
  • Attend Cross Cultural Training in North Carolina in the summer of 2020.
    • We can’t do this if we aren’t fully funded before then.
  • Head to Guatemala in January 2021.

We are so thankful to those who have contributed thus far to our mission and words cannot express our gratitude other than to say we are in awe that God would let sinners like us take on that task with the love and support from people like you. Each one of you has a special part in our life that led us to this moment in time. Each one of you has a history with us and a future. We know that this is all because of God’s doing.

A Call for Help

  • If you’re already a partner with us, would you just continue to pray that God would continue to show his goodness and provision to you to make you able to continue to support us?
  • If you have been praying about possibly joining us monthly as a partner, would you keep praying about it, and if you feel so led, please join us today?
  • Please pray that God would give us both peace in our hearts and minds as we tackle the tough road ahead of finishing school and Aaron finding a job.
  • Please pray God provides a job that will work to keep us afloat until we land in Guatemala in 2021.
  • Please pray that we will get all of our one time funds and monthly supporters by the end of the first half of 2020.

One of the best ways you can help us, is to share our mission with those who you think may be called to partner with us. Simply forward this newsletter to them and give them any other contact information you have for us.

September Update

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support as we continue on this journey towards serving in Guatemala. The past couple months have been a trying time for us. In August, Brianna had an uncle who passed away very suddenly. The death was a shock to her and her family and has had repercussions since that we and the family are still dealing with.

In the midst of that we celebrated our second anniversary, which, happens to always fall right before college and one of the busy seasons of work at the church for me, and work at the school for Brianna.

Brianna started a new job – well, the same job but at a new school. It has been a healthier situation than her previous school but as with starting any new job, she’s had to learn a lot – including how to speak to three Chinese students who came with zero English (Maybe God’s teaching us about learning a new language in the future).

Work at the church has been very trying. On top of that I (Aaron) have also begun what is my last semester of college, so working 40 hours a week plus taking college classes, plus fund raising, plus trying to be a good husband, all takes a toll. For both of us it seems like we’re being pulled in 500 directions at once sometimes.

Speaking of fundraising, through all of the trials we’ve been facing, God has provided even when we feel like we’re powerless in all of this. Since last writing in July, we have gone from being about 9% funded to about 18%. Hey that’s almost double! That’s such good news we made a fancy chart!

With all that said, we can use prayers more than anything. Please be praying for us to find time in prayer and in God’s word together and on our own even in the midst of burning the candle on both ends – and in the middle. Please be praying that God would bring friends around us to support us. Pray that God would continue to pour in financial support for us as we want to be fully funded in order to go to our mission training in North Carolina once Brianna gets done with school in the spring. And please pray about whether or not God would want you to support us financially.