So Much Has Happened

Maybe it’s a little late, but Happy New Year! The Lord has done so much in our lives since the last time we’ve written. Spoiler alert: God has answered our prayers for a job for me (Aaron) and has also answered prayers for me to have more purpose in employment than to just make money. To put it simply: life has been crazy.

It all started in December, right after I had graduated from Fresno State, right before Christmas, we just so happened to run into a godly man and his wife that I used to work with at an elementary school in Fresno. We later learned that this was a divine appointment as about a month later, this meeting led to getting a job as a 6th grade teacher, teaching alongside my friend! (They know who they are reading this, but for privacy sake we won’t name names).

There were so many hoops to jump through to get into the job:

My degree had to officially come through from the university.

My substitute permit had to be granted from the County of Fresno.

Lastly, there were hurdles of onboarding with the school district.

To keep an amazing, long story short, God knocked down all those hurdles in the timespan of about 48 hours in the middle of January and I was now un-unemployed just in time to celebrate my birthday.

This job has been very challenging at times, but daily I see the Lord changing hearts and minds as we love on the kids we’ve been working with. In only 7 days of instruction we saw the kids’ math scores almost triple. Today I graded their latest math test and the scores went even higher. As of writing this there are 70 days left of instruction and as I tell the kids every day, “That’s [x amount of] days more to improve and get ready for middle school!”

Not only did this great friend get me a job, but it turned out that he and his wife wanted to support us in Guatemala and they have since become monthly partners with us. Praise the Lord for all he’s done! Please be praying for me (Aaron) to have patience with these kiddos and please pray for the kids (all 24 of them) to not only get to grade level but to have their hearts and minds transformed.

Soon to be Two Graduates in the Home

Brianna started her last semester of college at Fresno State. She’s currently taking “History and Systems of Psychology,” “Forensic Cognitive Science,” “Social Psychology,” and “Learning and Memory”. She says Learning and Memory is the most difficult.

The tired babies.

It’s her last semester, but the schedule is very trying and Brianna has long days that go from 7am-6pm (or later, some nights). There’s a lot for her to juggle with school, work, life group, a women’s Bible study, and fundraising.

“…best case scenario for a shoulder injury…”

As you may have seen on social media, we were enjoying our weekend time together last weekend riding mountain bikes at nearby Millerton Lake when I (Aaron) crashed and broke my right collar bone. “This is the first broken bone I’ve ever had, and I’m 30!”

Real life X-Ray of Aaron’s broken clavicle. (top left)

Please pray for healing. The doctor said that this was the best case scenario for a shoulder injury since it doesn’t require surgery and that it should heal in 6 weeks or so. Still, it’s been very debilitating for me as I can’t even really dress myself. So pray for Brianna’s patience!

Fundraising Update

Here’s where even more praise comes. We’re so excited to see how God has provided over the past couple weeks. Even in the midst of so much going on here at home while we try to get to our new home of the future in Guatemala, God has still be confirming his calling for us.

The Arnett’s Are Going to North Carolina!

Our startup costs continue to grow as all our current monthly support goes into our Startup Fund. In addition to the monthly support, we received a large one-time gift that raised our lump sum higher. With that, we were given permission to sign up to attend our training in North Carolina. We were able to sign up for the August classes. This will give us time to finish our school/work years out in May/June, possibly move our of our apartment in July, then head to Union Mills, NC for a month in August.

The biggest boost for us this month comes in the form of monthly support. We are in awe of our awesome God as he almost doubled the amount of support from 18.7 to over 35 percent!

We’re so encouraged by what the Lord has done in such a short time. We know that this is all His doing and not ours.

With all that great news, there is still the reality that we still need to raise almost $2,600 per month in order to get into Guatemala by January 2021. Without your support we cannot walk out what the Lord has called us to in Guatemala. We continue to see the Lord’s faithfulness and we want to invite you to join us in this mission. Would you please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner with us and the furtherance of the Gospel? If so, please use the button below.

If you’re already supporting us financially or in prayer, please continue to do so – especially praying. We are so thankful for your support and we look forward to the day that we can write these letters and make videos showing you all the good things that God is doing in Guatemala. We especially look forward to the opportunity to have you come visit us when we’re in Guatemala so you can see firsthand that your contributions and your prayers are not in vain.

If you have the time, would you please share this post on your social media and pass it along to friends who you may think would like to support us?

We want to end this letter by forwarding on a recent blog by Nate Slabach, VP of Staff Care at Students International. If there were ever a great example of an answer to the question, “What are you going to do in Guatemala?” this post is it. The following story is from another SI ministry site in the Dominican Republic, but it is a glimpse of what our hopes are for ministering in Guatemala.

Read here: The Fruit of a Long-Term Investment

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