God’s Instruction and Provision

It’s been an interesting three weeks here in North Carolina. Aaron here, and we’re so thankful for your support and prayers all this time and especially the past three weeks. We have been learning so much over this time. The first half was much to learn about how we will best try to transition smoothly into a new culture. We learned great insights about that and how we can go into Guatemala as learners, studying the culture and language before we hit the ground running at our ministry site. The second half, and the rest of our time here is about learning how to be on a team of missionaries and how to join the team well and sustain the health of the team. It has been a very valuable experience for us.

While here, my (Aaron’s) mom has been battling health issues and has been in and out of the hospital. There was a time when I had considered heading back for a few days but made the tough choice of staying in North Carolina because of the COVID situation, the school here is trying to maintain a clean environment as much as possible and would not let me come back if I left. So I decided to stay and God has been working through that. It has been amazing to see the way that God has worked as the missionaries-in-training and staff here at CIT have been praying and supporting us all along the way. And God has answered prayers, giving my mom peace even in the middle of the storm, which she’s still in. Please be praying for her peace and complete healing.

If you’d like to catch up with us more, check out our video below and thank you so much for your continual support in finances and prayers!

Click here if you are viewing in email and don’t see the video above.

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