We’re Halfway There!

Hello! Thank you so much for continuing to pray for us and supporting us as we get ready to head to Guatemala soon, Lord willing. Just like you, we’ve been rocked by the response to COVID-19. Aaron here speaking: In January, after a long search for a job, God provided in a major way. I was working as a long-term substitute teacher for five weeks. That all came to an end the day that President Trump declared a national emergency. The school district that I work for was cancelling school until the end of Spring Break, and eventually decided to cancel the entire year. That has left me without a job, but thankfully I qualified for unemployment, so that has helped us.

Brianna also lost her job for a time, but praise the Lord, the company has decided to pay them and let them work remotely, so God has provided in an awesome way for both of us.

We have both had adjustment with the new at-home lifestyle, but we’re praying that God will allow us to use this time to talk to our current supporters, grow our support team, and continue down the road to Guatemala. Even in these uncertain times, nothing is uncertain to God.

We’ve Surpassed Fifty Percent!

God has been so good to us with support raising even in the middle of the pandemic. Since our last update, we have passed the halfway mark in our support team raising efforts. Our monthly support team has grown to 51% of what we need to live in Guatemala next year.

These numbers reflect our monthly supporters who have decided to join our team to support us in an amount they feel God has called them to keep us in Guatemala starting in (Lord willing) January 2021. The numbers above reflect the amount that is being given monthly that is currently adding to our startup costs below.

As a result of all our team’s generosity over the past year, we are well on our way to raising our startup costs that we will need to get into Guatemala.

It’s such a blessing to see God work in the ways that he has over the past year since starting this journey. It was last April that we were accepted on staff with Students International and though it has been a rough journey at times, and many unexpected things have happened to us – not all of those unexpected things have been negative. We got to 50% because of two very large unexpected monthly team members that God put in our path. We can’t wait to see what God does next.

Please be praying that God would continue to show us just how much higher his thoughts are above ours and that he would help complete the rest of our support team. Also please pray that he would show us a work opportunity for Aaron or at least the ability to rest in him if this is a season to be just enjoying the time off and working more on the ministry to get to Guatemala.

Lastly, would you please share our page with someone, if even just one person who you might think God could use to send us to Guatemala? You never know what God could do.

Thank you!

Aaron & Brianna Arnett

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