We Are Almost There!

Thank you so much for your support in prayer and financially over our journey so far. We have such great news to share: at the end of June, we will have raised our start up costs of $30,000! That means that we are looking at the following timeline for the next few months:

August – We will be in North Carolina at our training.

September/October – We believe we will be in language school in Guatemala (or possibly Costa Rica depending on Guat. COVID-19 travel restrictions).

January – Moved to Guatemala to begin our ministry.

That’s right! We could be in country as soon as September! That’s only two and a half months away! We have our money to get to Guatemala. However, we don’t have the monthly support yet to live and work in the kids ministry in Guatemala.

Monthly Support

We are at a huge junction in our road to Guatemala. Praise the Lord we have the amount we need to get our new life started in the mission field. However, we still need the rest of our team to be Gospel partners with us to sustain us in Guatemala.

Please pray about how God might use your contribution to have a kingdom impact in Central America. No amount per month is too little or too much. As you can see above we still need to raise about $1900/month in support before the end of August in order to keep on the timeline above.

To our current team members, thank you so much for your constant sacrifice for our work in Guatemala. We would like to issue a challenge to you if you’re up for it. At the moment we’re sitting over halfway to being fully funded. If every member of our team was able to have a friend join them by matching their monthly contribution, we’d be fully funded in no time. Please be praying for our future team members.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Please be praying that God would open the doors for us to get to where he wants us this fall. Also please pray for us and we prepare to go through our things that we will have to sort through before moving. Please pray for our friends in the ministry in Guatemala as they have been dealing with often changing rules and restrictions put in place by the government due to COVID-19.

Thank you!

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