Round the Sites in 20ish Days!

What a whirlwind of a month May was. Right about at the beginning of the month we found out that we would be starting our tour of all the other ministry sites that are part of SI Guatemala. This is normally something you do when you first start as new staff but since there was so much work to be done at the beginning of the year, we had our time in May.

During this time, as you can see above, we spent a few days with every ministry site and learned a lot. Brianna learned a little bit about how to weld at the Appropriate Technology site. Aaron vaccinated a pig with the Veterinary site (the pigs sure screamed a lot, but not because of the shots – just because they didn’t want to be picked up) who knew?! We also got to meet some of the families in a nearby community called El Tablon with Gerber, who is the site lead of the Microfinance site. We really enjoyed this time as it allowed us to learn more about the communities and practice our Spanish as most of those site leaders are all Guatemalans, besides Kevin who works together with Carlos at the Appropriate Technology site.

Speaking of Kevin, his wife Angela and their family made us this awesome Star Wars-themed meal for May 4th!

We had an exciting day this month as we helped Sheny (in between the two in red) move to her new site. Sheny heads up the Women’s Social Work site where she teaches women manual skills such as sewing, and uses that as an opportunity to disciple the ladies. Aaron, during his tour with Sheny, got to help her get moved into the new space and learn all about her ministry. Also, he may or may not have scraped the SI truck on a power pole in the process, but shhh…

In the middle of the month we had one of those moments that you can only imagine some of the disciples felt during the spread of the church in Acts. We had to tearfully say goodbye to Marjory (next to Aaron). Marjory was an intern serving in the Veterinary site with Meme and was such a joy to Meme and to us. We know that God brought her here to Guatemala at just the right time. Of course he brought her here to do many other things, but one of those things was to be a friend to us in a very hard time in our transition here to Guatemala. We are thankful for her heart to say “yes” and come to Guatemala, and we can say that we are thankful for COVID-19 – because if it had not happened, we would have missed Marjory. She was originally supposed to come last year but glory to God, he made her wait until after we had arrived in Guatemala. We were sad to see her return to the States after her internship but are so excited to have another friend in Christ.

Marjory also planned this banana bread eating contest that left us with stomach aches for four days from eating so much banana bread!

We are so thankful for your support and prayers. We give glory to God that we gained support last month and received a one-time gift that is such a blessing that will sustain us for a good part of this year. We still are at this point not completely funded on a monthly basis. If you would like to join our team or increase your giving, click the box below.

Lastly, we ask that you would pray for our transportation situation once again. On the last Friday in May, we were returning home, headed up a mountain, when our SUV completely died. It all started with a strange clicking sound, then a loss of power followed by thick black smoke trailing out the back (more than usual). Then the eerie silence of the engine giving up the ghost. We are pretty certain that our vehicle has seen it’s last days. So please be praying for us to find something that will be reliable and for the funds to be able to purchase it. If you recall, this is the same vehicle that was previously in the shop for four months. We have faith that God will provide something.

Please pray for us as we take on the new task of solely running the Sponsorship site and as our first large teams come next week! More on those details next month!

One thought on “Round the Sites in 20ish Days!

  1. love this update! great testimony to all that God is doing in you and through you! praying for you as you run the sponsorship site, have your first team, and search for a vehicle solution. God will continue to sustain you- just hold on to him! great job guys, keep it up- one day at a time!


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