April Reflections

Wow, can you believe April has already come and gone? It is incredible that we have already been working in SI Guatemala for four months! These four months have been both challenging and joyful. God has already brought us through valleys and to mountain tops. He teaches us that when we go through the valleys of this life, He is right there walking with us. He has a purpose for every season that we go through.

Clouds rolling through El Gorrion

Earlier this month Aaron had the opportunity to go on an overnight camping trip with the middle school and high school aged boys at a local park called Florencia. The boys played games, listened to a message about how God refines us through the fires of this life, and roasted so many hot dogs over the fire that they quenched the flame. Many of our students have never been camping before, so it was fun to watch them make s’mores and sit around the campfire.

Aaron and our coworker Kevin at the boys camping trip

Brianna had the girls camping trip later in the month where she was able to bring 21 girls! Many of the girls were scared to go camping because they had never slept outside of their parent’s house, but they overcame their fear and ended up having an amazing time. Though sometimes it’s hard to get teenage girls to participate in games, all of them played and laughed until they were out of breath! We had a message around the campfire from our coworker Sheny about trusting in God to make good decisions in our lives. Sheny encouraged us that even when hard things happen in our lives and when we make bad decisions, God is still working for our good and has good plans for us.

One of the girls playing a Minute to Win It game at the girls camping trip

The next day at the girls camping trip we were able to talk in small groups about the message the night before. Sheny asked one of the girls, “What is the best decision you have ever made in your life?” The girl responded, “Coming on this camping trip!” It is so humbling to know that giving up a night of our lives to serve others can make such a huge impact. I am hopeful that God moved in mighty ways in the lives of those students during the camping trips.

The girls with their team flags

Please continue to pray for us as we try to walk in wisdom and faith in the ministry at SI Guatemala. We admit that we still have a lot to learn about the language, culture, and SI team, but we are confident that God is working in our lives and using us to share the Gospel with the Magdalena and El Gorrion communities.

Please also pray about raising your financial support or joining our support team. We are still about $200 from being fully funded.

We love you and are thankful that you are a part of our team!

2 thoughts on “April Reflections

  1. Great update guys!! I love hearing how the camping trips were so impactful!! Lots of work and sacrifice to make that happen but I’m proud of you- great job!


  2. Love the update Brianna! Thanks for sharing what God is doing through both of you❤️ We miss you, love you and will continue to keep you in our prayers!!


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