Busy but Blessed

It’s hard to believe that another month has gone by! We have been busier than ever here and have already had a little bit of change come to our ministry. Last month when we had our first team come to visit us, they donated eight computers and worked on installing desks to make a computer lab in our tutoring site. Around the same time, I (Aaron) learned that I would be starting computer classes with 3rd-6th graders as well as helping our co-worker Sydnee with teaching English. It was quite a surprise, but a good one because I had been feeling a little bit like I didn’t know exactly where I fit in in all of this. It was a day after praying about all that, that God opened up the door to this change and it’s gone very well.

Working with the kids in the computer lab, especially with the 6th graders has been a great opportunity because I have gotten to know the kids that are in our club for 5th/6th called Club 56. Brianna has been writing Bible studies and lesson plans for the entire year and we co-lead the group every Thursday. This year our theme will be Running the Race – following the life of Paul. Our first club was this past Thursday and it went very well. It was awesome to see that even in just a couple weeks the kids have come to be more comfortable with us and we are excited to see what God will do with this club and in our own hearts over the rest of the year.

Our youth leadership team

Please be praying for us as next month will be even more crazy! We are excited but still nervous because we will be doing a camping trip with our basicos students (Guatemalan equivalent of ~7th-9th grades). We’ll have a boys trip the second week of April and a girls trip the fourth week. We are hoping that this is a time where we are able to plant more seeds of the gospel and also to just spend more time getting to know the kids so that more doors will open for us to be able to preach the gospel to them more clearly.

Brianna working in Club de Chicas

Lastly, we ask for your prayers and consideration for our finances. Thank the Lord, we have made up about $150 of our monthly funding. However, we still need to make up about $200/month. Our monthly income was reduced by 5% per month to keep our ministry funded due to losses from COVID. We hope that you prayerfully consider raising your funds 5% to help us offset these costs. We are so thankful for your continued support and for those who have already committed to increasing their monthly support. If you’d like to increase your monthly giving, please email students@stint.com.

We hope you and your family enjoy celebrating Easter Sunday, where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without the resurrection, all would be lost, and our ministry would be pointless. We preach the Gospel because we worship a risen Savior.

3 thoughts on “Busy but Blessed

  1. Aaron and Brianna,

    You are doing God’s work, and Toni and I are so proud of you. May God Bless you for presenting and living out the Gospel message. We send our love and support to you in your Ministry.

    Blessings to you on this Good Friday!! Keith and Toni Edwards

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